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Get the best bed time for your best (four-legged) friend!

Garden Mile Team
March 17, 2021

As every dog-owner knows, our typical furry-friend has a tendency and a willingness to sleep almost anywhere! Yet despite their easy going nature, many owners prefer to purchase a dedicated bed for their dogs to sleep in – and for good reasons. That’s why in this post we’ll take a look at why owners choose to purchase a dog bed and then give you tips on how to pick one that’s perfect for your dog! Sss

The “Why”

Aside from the common and natural desire to want the best for your pup, there are many reasons why owners choose to purchase a dog bed (or even multiple!) Firstly and perhaps most obviously if your dog has special requirements, then a dedicated bed can assist with mitigating the consequences of these needs. For example, if your dog has stiff or sore joints then it may struggle sleeping around the house but you can get an orthopaedic or memory foam mattress that can support them and ensure they get a good nights sleep. Similarly if you have an incontinent pooch then you can purchase a waterproof bed or one with removable covers to make cleaning up after night-time accidents easier and less stressful for you.

An older pup enjoying their Komfort Kord memory-foam mattress!

Secondly purchasing a dedicated dog bed can be a great idea for owners who are seeking to better integrate their dogs with their own home life. Instead of trying (and failing!) to get a good-nights sleep with your dog in your bed, why not put a dedicated dog bed in your bedroom? Or if you keep tripping over a smaller pet in the kitchen or home-office, why not give them a dedicated corner or space to call their own with a dog bed or mat? This isn’t just a practical solution either, as it gives you a great opportunity to further decorate and personalise your home!

Last but not least if you like to take your pet(s) with you when travelling, then a dog bed can be helpful as a way of keeping them calm and confident even when you’re far from home! This is due to the fact that dogs mainly gain their sense of the world through scent, not sight and as such having something that smells like home can be a great reassurance to them.

Now that we’ve understood why a dog bed can be beneficial to your dog, you are probably interested in getting one! Before getting ahead of ourselves however, we should consider how to narrow down our options and find out how to pick the best bed for your dog!

The “How”

First of all, you should check how your dog sleeps over a period of a few days. Do they stretch out or curl up? Do they have a preferred spot in the home where they sleep or do they just follow you around? The first question will help you determine the type or shape of the bed and the second will help determine where to place it. Once you have those answers, the last thing you need is a pair of measurements from your dog: nose-to-tail and paw-to-back.

Smaller, rounded beds are perfect for smaller furry friends!

With all the groundwork now complete, you are ready to narrow things down and arrive at a decision that suits both you and your dog. If your dog likes to rest by stretching out, then you will need a bed that can accommodate their full length and width – which will generally be of the rectangular type. For dogs that prefer to rest curled up, a circular bed with raised sides (sometimes called a “donut style”) will be more appropriate and comfortable. Larger dogs or those with thicker coats will generally do better with beds that let them cool off, whether that be with cooling pads or via an elevated bed that has space underneath the dog that lets air pass through. Whilst hairless dogs or those in colder climates will benefit from a thicker bed with sides and potentially a duvet/comforter.

Now that you know the required dimensions of the bed and have an idea of what type/size to choose, you can further narrow things down. Do you have a heavy-set dog or one with sore joints? Then we would highly recommend an orthopaedic or memory foam mattresses to ensure that your dog can rest without pain. Does your dog have a history of chewing furniture? Then we’d recommend a mat, a crate-bed or even just something that won’t be painful to replace! Does your dog have a history of “making a mess”? Then consider a bed with a more resistant cover/coating, whether it be waterproof or just featuring a removable cover.

Final Thoughts

If you have made it this far, then you will now know how your dog prefers to sleep and what type of bed is best suited to their needs. It would be tempting to end this article here, but instead I will mention a few last tricks that are easy to overlook but will make life much easier for both you and your dog!

Seeing double? Well don't expect the peace to last!
  • If you have multiple dogs, they may be comfortable sleeping together in the same bed. For the majority of dog owners however, this is a quick recipe for a headache and as a consequence we would recommend a minimum of one bed per dog-owner.
  • Your dog might be hesitant about their new bed, especially when it is fresh out of the packaging! This will in part be due to the unfamiliar scent it gives, but don’t panic. Over time your dog will get used to its new bed, but to hasten the process you can place some old clothes over the bed to help transfer your scent and gain your dogs interest.
  • Do you have a nervous dog? Consider an “Igloo” style bed which has an access point and then tall walls/covering around the rim of the bed. This will help give them a sense of privacy and security for those situations within which they ‘retreat’ to bed.
  • Last but not least: Pick a location with minimal foot-traffic, disruption and draughts/cold breezes!

With all that being said, you are now in a great position to ensure that you can now leave your sleeping dog(s) lie... in comfort and style!

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