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Feeling "Greendumb"? Try our new, no-fuss plants!

Garden Mile Team
March 22, 2021

Even if you struggle with the gardening, you can still enjoy a great maintenance free garden with one simple trick – artificial plants!

Now don’t close this article just yet! As the modern ranges we stock are far more realistic and convincing than the older, sloppier type that you may recall from your memory. But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself!

Blooming Marvellous!

Looking good, right? Well it’s not just looking good! In fact there are a range of benefits that artificial planters, trees and flowers have to offer over their more traditional alternatives which we’ll explore in more detail below;

  1. Artificial makes it Easier!

The first and most obvious benefit of choosing an artificial plant is that it liberates you, the purchaser, from a variety of restrictions. No longer do you need to fear overwatering or underwatering your plants, as no water is needed! Instead you can sit back and appreciate your plants without chores or concern that your accidently harming them. Nor will you need any pest controlling barriers, insect repellent or pro-active steps to keep the pets away as our artificial range is a treat for the eyes (but not their tastebuds!) Last but not least, our plants do not require any sunlight or specific soil pH levels – ensuring that they can be placed anywhere without any issue. Now you can focus on making a garden that looks good instead of one that merely grows!

Ready when you are!
  1. Artificial makes it Quicker!

A second but no less valuable benefit of purchasing artificial plants is that everything is ready to go from day one. Aside from choosing a location, all of the tough stuff has been done for you! No more grafting, arrangement or waiting for your flowers to bloom is needed as our entire range is already perfect! And it’s not just quicker this year either, as our non-natural plants and flowers keep their bloom year round. Ensuring you won’t need to wait half a year for any regrowth, blooming flowers or new leaves!

Guaranteed to look good during all four seasons!
  1. Artificial makes it Safer!

Finally, a major benefit of our artificial range that often gets overlooked is the fact that it can help you breathe comfortably without any sacrifices. Whether you’re concerned about allergies, pollen or just a surprise visit from an unwanted bug our artificial ranges have you covered! All of our products are suitable for those suffering from hayfever and will look just as good indoors as they do outdoors. It won’t just be you who benefits either, as both guests and pets with allergies of their own can now breath easy too – making our range ideal for shared spaces!

Pollen-free and Hungry Caterpillar-proof!

With all that being said, it is easy to see how artificial plants can provide the best of both worlds for you and your home. Whether they have pride of place in the front lawn or are keeping you company by your desk, just remember that...

Artificial makes it Easier, Quicker and Safer!

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Feeling "Greendumb"? Try our new, no-fuss plants!

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