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Have you been finding it harder to keep track of time over the past year? Well you're not the only one, of that we have no doubt! We therefore thought it would be prudent to take a look at a few of our favourite clocks, if only so that you can get back into the swing of things!

Time to Tree(at) yourself!

Featuring a charming weathered wooden-style finish and Quartz-accurate timing, our Tree Time clock will leaf nothing to be desired! Thanks to its polyresin weather-proof design, this clock will endure the elements and look great whether placed indoors or outdoors.

Sturdy, Stylish and Solid as Stone!

Maybe you woodn't be interested in the Tree Time clock, but if that's the case then we have many more in stock! Our "Stonegate" clock for instance not only features a classic hand-painted finish, but also comes with an included secondary temperature tracker. With a weather-proof construction and the ability to track temperatures in both Celcius and Fahrenheit, this Stonegate is a versatile and charming addition to any room or garden!

From the Sun to the Moon to your Wall

Following on in a similar vein, we also have this ravishingly retro "Sun & Moon" weathered clock. With a classic design and a hand-painted, weather-resistant finish this clock is built to last. Last but not least, it also includes a temperature tracker alongside the main time piece for added value and utility.

Get your Garden in top-gear!

For those of you who aren't interested in a thermometer on the other hand, we also have some intricate and beautiful clocks that solely focus on telling the time whilst looking great. Starting with the "Newby Mechanical" in the "Verdigris" design, this durable clock features Quartz-accuracy and a distinguished industrial design. Much like the rest of our clocks, it is hand-finished and weather-resistant for stress free placement!

Appealing time-pieces at good prices, whether you believe it or not!

Last but certainly not least, we have one of the most unique and appealing designs in our range. With a glass and plastic design, the "Ripley" wall clock is great for use both indoors and outdoors much like the rest of our range. Where it is definitely not like the rest of the range is in its bold, contemporary design which ensures it will serve as a natural conversation regardless of where you place it!

Of course this was just a look at a few of our favourites, so if you're feeling inspired to find a favourite clock of your own why not check out the rest of our range here?

Have you been, like us, struggling to fill up the garden over the past year? If so, then we invite you to take a walk with us on the wild side as we explore our much adored Menagerie of animal themed garden ornaments!

Our most popular decoration by a Llamaslide!

Starting with our most popular dynamic duo, these friendly "Llama Ramas" are ready and available for shipment! Coming in one of two colours (your choice of White or Pink), these furry friends are a great way of adding some character and personality to your garden.

Also available in pink!

Featuring a hand painted finish, they are also sturdy and durable thanks to their metal construction. It won't just be Llamas paying you a visit either, as we also have a range of bright, colourful reptiles! While they are smaller they are no less attractive as a proposition for your outdoor space. Don't just take our word for it however, as you can see them for yourself;

Lee-zard on the Lookout

Starting with the aptly named "Lee-zard" decoration, this range features no less than four reptiles with similarly punderful names. Each features a bright, vibrant hand-painted finish and is made from the same durable material as the "Llama Ramas" featured above.


Alongside the "Lee-zard" we also have the "Karma-Meleon", which comes in a timeless torquoise style and makes a great accompanying decoration choice for water features. Thanks to its modest height of 16cm, it also makes a great tabletop or countertop ornament!

Get your garden decorated and make it snappy with the Ali-Gator!

For those seeking to add some character to their garden, our ever popular "Ali-Gator" is another ideal choice. Whether nestled in with the flowerbed, half-submerged in a water feature or out in the open on the back decking "Ali" is gatorteed to get the conversation rolling!

Simply Sally-Mander

Last but not least, we have the stunning "Sally-Mander" garden character which comes in a rich red colour scheme. Like the rest of the range, it can withstand a wide range of weather conditions and would make an attractive conversation piece whether indoors or out!

We hope that you enjoyed joining us on this quick whistle stop menagerie tour! While we have covered our six new favourites, we do have a wider range of garden ornaments and statues available. To check out the rest of our ranges, please click here!

Initially popular as a wooden children’s toy, the humble windspinner (or “whirligig” in the middle ages) has gone through multiple iterations over the centuries. In its more recognisable modern form, windspinners are a great way to make outdoor spaces more visually appealing and come in a vast range of shapes, styles and designs to suit your garden. From intricate solar powered spinners that look great at night, to simple lightweight designs that add vibrancy to your garden. To show you what we mean, here are a few of our favourite windspinners from our new range;

Strut your stuff in the summer sun!

This beautiful and lightweight Peacock Spinner is a great way to add some light and colour to your garden or balcony, as it provides a mesmerising and shimmering appearance. Featuring a dual-arm design and a built in LED solar light (that auto-activates at sunset), this spinner is able to pack plenty of motion, light and movement into any outdoor space!

Colours take flight with this Butterfly themed Aura Spinner!

Just like the Peacock above, this charming butterfly spinner packs a colourful solar-powered punch and will make a great addition to your garden in all lighting conditions. Thanks to its use of cupped windcatchers, it also requires less wind to get moving and is therefore ideal for areas that don't get much of a breeze!

Wood you believe it?

Our Giant Woodland Windmill might not have been the first thing that came to mind when thinking of a wind-spinner, but we're sure you'll agree that it's delightfully distinctive design fits in with any garden! While it may be relatively large compared to the rest, the Woodland Windmill is free-standing and can therefore be placed on any surface.

Stretch your pennies further with this perfect Penny-Farthing windspinner!

Ride out the summer months in style with this stunning bronze-brushed penny farthing inspired windspinner! Not only will it add character to your garden, but the front wheel spins and features 4 solar powered LEDs which activate at night to light up your garden. Whether at dawn, midday or dusk this piece will provide timeless aesthetic appeal at all hours of the day.

Double your fun with two inter-connected spinners!

Last but certainly not least, this "Spiro" spinner features two sets of large spinners (one on each side) which provide an appealing maelstrom of motion. Much like some of our other featured products, it also includes a self-activating solar LED light with a choice of toggleable colours.

With all that being said, we still haven't even scratched the surface of our overall windspinner range in this post today as there is such a vast variety of products available. To explore the rest of our range, please click here

With summer fast approaching, many of you have been asking us for advice on how to make your garden more appealing to visitors. Now there are many options you can take to make your garden more visually attractive, but this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have visitors every day. As such in this article we are focusing on one, simple method of making your garden more enticing and more popular with visitors;

Just add water, sit back and enjoy the company!

Yes, that’s right! We’re talking about the humble birdbath in this article - with a focus on how to choose the right type of bath for your garden and how to make sure it’s popular with your feathered friends. Just follow the simple tips and tricks below to get guests in no time!

Choose your material with care

While the various patterns, designs and aesthetic flourishes that feature on most baths won’t make much difference (for the birds at least!) The material your bath is made from on the other hand, has the potential to make a big impact.

Metal baths made from copper, aluminium, cast-iron and the like are more durable and therefore will last longer. In the case of copper baths, they are also more resistant to algae and bacterial growth which will make maintenance easier. All metal baths will heat up in direct sunlight however, so care should be taken during the summer to ensure that either water levels remain constant and suitably cool and/or that the bath be in a shady spot.

Metal baths look cool, but can get a bit hot!

Glass baths whether plain, styled or with solar powered features are an attractive and increasingly popular option for your garden. They are competitively priced and thanks to their lightweight, they are easy to move around the garden as needs change (e.g. Directly in sunlight during Winter, in a shadier spot during Summer). Just be careful when manually de-icing with tools and remember to secure your birdbath to the ground during high-winds so as to prevent any tipping over!

Stained glasswork can add some extra vibrancy to any garden!

Plastic or Polyresin baths are a common, affordable and popular choice especially in smaller gardens. Coming in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and patterns they offer customers a great choice of products to choose from and thus make it easier to create that perfect garden look. It is worth considering that these types are the most vulnerable to damage however, whether from winter frost or just accidental wear-and-tear. Additionally much like the glass baths above, you should secure them during high-winds and be diligent when de-frosting.

Yes, that is polyurethane not copper or bronze!

Concrete and Stone baths are another common and popular type, due in large part to their durability and sturdiness. While they aren’t generally at risk from high winds and are relatively frost proof, but they do have an Achilles heel. Namely that they become mossy faster than baths made from other materials – with moderate to high amounts of moss making the water dirtier and the basin slippery for birds. Due to this we recommend that those with a concrete or stone bath make sure to clean it regularly with a stiff brush (and you should never use chemicals for this!)

Sturdy, Stylish and Straightforward

Picking the Perfect Place

Now it’s likely that you have a perfect spot in mind for your new birdbath, but this bath isn’t just for you – it’s also for the birds! Consequentially you should consider their perspective too, as if they have misgivings they’ll just fly by without telling you. We therefore recommend that you always heed the following whilst choosing a new spot for your birdbath;

Shade is important! Birds bathe to cool off as well as keep clean, so placing the bath in a shaded area is helpful (especially for baths made of metal). Not only does this help keep the water cool, but it also reduces evaporation and decreases algae growth.

But be sure to look up! Existing bird nests, flowers and trees that shed many leaves all produce organic litter that will dirty any birdbath below. While some mess is unavoidable, you can save yourself a lot of trouble with a bit of placement planning.

Small Alcoves or areas with an overhang can be perfect spots!

Make escaping easy! Birds need to feel secure when bathing, so placing a bath right next to a large bush or somewhere else a predator can hide is a bad idea. Instead consider placing it in a clear spot that will let the birds see any approaching danger.

Out of sight, out of use! Last but not least, you need to place your bath in a location that will be easy for birds to find and make use of otherwise all of your preparation will have been for nought! Similarly if you struggle to see your birdbath in the garden, then you will be less likely to remember to switch out the water and engage in any other cleaning that is required.

Keeping your bath popular and in great shape

If you’re still reading then we’d just like to say thanks and tell you that you now have all the knowledge you need to pick and place a great birdbath! We do still have a few tips for you though, as any birdbath regardless of design, materials or cost can be made more appealing;

Movement makes contentment! Birds are naturally drawn to running streams and other moving bodies of water, particularly during the winter months. To simulate these effect and thus draw in more visitors, we recommend adding a dripper, a mister or a low-pressure water-hose if all else fails.

Firm footing for friends! Much like how birds will refuse to use a bath that doesn’t let them feel secure, they will also avoid any bath with a surface that they cannot grip as it will hinder any quick-escapes they need to make! To avoid this issue, just place some small rocks or pebbles at the bottom of the basin for them.

Smaller songbirds particularly benefit from extra footing!

Wide as a puddle, deep as… a big puddle? Yes, you read that right! While it is important that the birdbath contains enough water to support a variety of birds, too much water will scare off or even endanger small songbirds. As such we would strongly advise against placing more than 2 inches of water within the basin.

Freshwater not Salt water! In the event that your birdbath freezes over during the cold winter months, remember to avoid salt and any chemicals you might be tempted to use such as antifreeze. Not only will these drive away any birds, but they will also put them at risk.

Now that you’ve got those tips in mind, you truly have everything you need to succeed!

Even if you struggle with the gardening, you can still enjoy a great maintenance free garden with one simple trick – artificial plants!

Now don’t close this article just yet! As the modern ranges we stock are far more realistic and convincing than the older, sloppier type that you may recall from your memory. But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself!

Blooming Marvellous!

Looking good, right? Well it’s not just looking good! In fact there are a range of benefits that artificial planters, trees and flowers have to offer over their more traditional alternatives which we’ll explore in more detail below;

  1. Artificial makes it Easier!

The first and most obvious benefit of choosing an artificial plant is that it liberates you, the purchaser, from a variety of restrictions. No longer do you need to fear overwatering or underwatering your plants, as no water is needed! Instead you can sit back and appreciate your plants without chores or concern that your accidently harming them. Nor will you need any pest controlling barriers, insect repellent or pro-active steps to keep the pets away as our artificial range is a treat for the eyes (but not their tastebuds!) Last but not least, our plants do not require any sunlight or specific soil pH levels – ensuring that they can be placed anywhere without any issue. Now you can focus on making a garden that looks good instead of one that merely grows!

Ready when you are!
  1. Artificial makes it Quicker!

A second but no less valuable benefit of purchasing artificial plants is that everything is ready to go from day one. Aside from choosing a location, all of the tough stuff has been done for you! No more grafting, arrangement or waiting for your flowers to bloom is needed as our entire range is already perfect! And it’s not just quicker this year either, as our non-natural plants and flowers keep their bloom year round. Ensuring you won’t need to wait half a year for any regrowth, blooming flowers or new leaves!

Guaranteed to look good during all four seasons!
  1. Artificial makes it Safer!

Finally, a major benefit of our artificial range that often gets overlooked is the fact that it can help you breathe comfortably without any sacrifices. Whether you’re concerned about allergies, pollen or just a surprise visit from an unwanted bug our artificial ranges have you covered! All of our products are suitable for those suffering from hayfever and will look just as good indoors as they do outdoors. It won’t just be you who benefits either, as both guests and pets with allergies of their own can now breath easy too – making our range ideal for shared spaces!

Pollen-free and Hungry Caterpillar-proof!

With all that being said, it is easy to see how artificial plants can provide the best of both worlds for you and your home. Whether they have pride of place in the front lawn or are keeping you company by your desk, just remember that...

Artificial makes it Easier, Quicker and Safer!

As every dog-owner knows, our typical furry-friend has a tendency and a willingness to sleep almost anywhere! Yet despite their easy going nature, many owners prefer to purchase a dedicated bed for their dogs to sleep in – and for good reasons. That’s why in this post we’ll take a look at why owners choose to purchase a dog bed and then give you tips on how to pick one that’s perfect for your dog! Sss

The “Why”

Aside from the common and natural desire to want the best for your pup, there are many reasons why owners choose to purchase a dog bed (or even multiple!) Firstly and perhaps most obviously if your dog has special requirements, then a dedicated bed can assist with mitigating the consequences of these needs. For example, if your dog has stiff or sore joints then it may struggle sleeping around the house but you can get an orthopaedic or memory foam mattress that can support them and ensure they get a good nights sleep. Similarly if you have an incontinent pooch then you can purchase a waterproof bed or one with removable covers to make cleaning up after night-time accidents easier and less stressful for you.

An older pup enjoying their Komfort Kord memory-foam mattress!

Secondly purchasing a dedicated dog bed can be a great idea for owners who are seeking to better integrate their dogs with their own home life. Instead of trying (and failing!) to get a good-nights sleep with your dog in your bed, why not put a dedicated dog bed in your bedroom? Or if you keep tripping over a smaller pet in the kitchen or home-office, why not give them a dedicated corner or space to call their own with a dog bed or mat? This isn’t just a practical solution either, as it gives you a great opportunity to further decorate and personalise your home!

Last but not least if you like to take your pet(s) with you when travelling, then a dog bed can be helpful as a way of keeping them calm and confident even when you’re far from home! This is due to the fact that dogs mainly gain their sense of the world through scent, not sight and as such having something that smells like home can be a great reassurance to them.

Now that we’ve understood why a dog bed can be beneficial to your dog, you are probably interested in getting one! Before getting ahead of ourselves however, we should consider how to narrow down our options and find out how to pick the best bed for your dog!

The “How”

First of all, you should check how your dog sleeps over a period of a few days. Do they stretch out or curl up? Do they have a preferred spot in the home where they sleep or do they just follow you around? The first question will help you determine the type or shape of the bed and the second will help determine where to place it. Once you have those answers, the last thing you need is a pair of measurements from your dog: nose-to-tail and paw-to-back.

Smaller, rounded beds are perfect for smaller furry friends!

With all the groundwork now complete, you are ready to narrow things down and arrive at a decision that suits both you and your dog. If your dog likes to rest by stretching out, then you will need a bed that can accommodate their full length and width – which will generally be of the rectangular type. For dogs that prefer to rest curled up, a circular bed with raised sides (sometimes called a “donut style”) will be more appropriate and comfortable. Larger dogs or those with thicker coats will generally do better with beds that let them cool off, whether that be with cooling pads or via an elevated bed that has space underneath the dog that lets air pass through. Whilst hairless dogs or those in colder climates will benefit from a thicker bed with sides and potentially a duvet/comforter.

Now that you know the required dimensions of the bed and have an idea of what type/size to choose, you can further narrow things down. Do you have a heavy-set dog or one with sore joints? Then we would highly recommend an orthopaedic or memory foam mattresses to ensure that your dog can rest without pain. Does your dog have a history of chewing furniture? Then we’d recommend a mat, a crate-bed or even just something that won’t be painful to replace! Does your dog have a history of “making a mess”? Then consider a bed with a more resistant cover/coating, whether it be waterproof or just featuring a removable cover.

Final Thoughts

If you have made it this far, then you will now know how your dog prefers to sleep and what type of bed is best suited to their needs. It would be tempting to end this article here, but instead I will mention a few last tricks that are easy to overlook but will make life much easier for both you and your dog!

Seeing double? Well don't expect the peace to last!

With all that being said, you are now in a great position to ensure that you can now leave your sleeping dog(s) lie... in comfort and style!

Oh we are excited to show you some of our favourite quirky DIY projects to implement in your garden space. We'll start off the show with this simple and very impressive fire pit, built from a recycled washing machine drum. You simply need to give it legs or place it on alternated stacked bricks for a nice visual effect.

Why not set the evening mood with these Tikki themed candle holders. The great thing about this is the LED candle so you won't need to worry about fire hazard while still enjoying the soft flickering light effect. Perfect for an evening with friends and drinks or a romantic night while counting the stars.

Looking for a simple project. You can dig into your grandparent's attic or visit your local charity shop to find these charming old tin cans. You can repurpose them to use as planters to give colour and design to your garden decor.

For a little more effort, cut out the middle space from your old books and use them as a planters. These make for very interesting focal points. Maybe this one you should keep inside away from the rain. Would look amazing on a coffee table.

Once you have you garden looking interesting and exciting. Host a small gathering with this fold out drinks and food cabinet. Great as a space saver and perfect for company. You will be the new talk of the town!

- G mile x

With restrictions on outdoor gatherings finally easing, there has never been a better time to get your garden in tiptop shape for the summer! In this quick article we are taking a look at an item that often gets left by the wayside during the preparations for a BBQ – your lighting arrangement;

At this point you might be thinking “but guys, won’t the sun provide all the lighting I need?”

And you’d be right – but not in the way you think! Thanks to our innovative new range you’ll be able to remotely control the lighting array at any time of day, all powered via solar energy accumulated throughout the day. Not only does this help reduce operating costs, but it also ensures easy set up and maintenance as no external connections or batteries are required!

You heard us, no batteries or connector cords!

Controlling the lights is similarly easy, with all sets in our range being controlled by a bespoke app (compatible with iOS and Android smart-devices) which enables you to control the lights from the comfort of your garden bench. And it’s not just a simple ON/OFF either, as the app enables you to adjust both lighting levels and the colour being illuminated from the energy-efficient LED bulbs! This makes it perfect for both lighting the way during the night and functioning as decoration or markers during the day, with a few examples below;

Available as either a two-pack of stake lights or as a ten-bulb string, these stylish lights are weatherproof and designed for renewable use year-round making them perfect for any garden. Whether you choose the stake or the string lights, rest assured that both versions support the same app and have the same features. If you’re still on the fence, why not check out our image gallery below for some inspiration?

- G mile x

At Garden Mile we love our gardens and each one of their uniqueness. We are always looking to be inspired by your DIY projects and interesting ways of making your garden feel like yours. There is so much to play with and we appreciate some projects take time to be complete. We have put together 5 of our favourite quick fixes to add colour to your gardens.

1. Painted Tin Cans
Grab your old rusty tin cans and give them life with new paint or patterned contact paper. It's an easy project you can do at home in any weather.

2. Reuse Old Wellies
When it's time to change your old wellies, give them new purpose by colouring them and using them as planters. These make a lovely display grouped together or hang on your fencing.

3. Bright Coloured Cushions
An easy upgrade if you don't want to get your hands dirty. You can grab a few coloured cushions from your local home décor shop (preferably waterproof versions) or give a fresh makeover to your old cushions with new sleeves.

4. Spray Painted Bike Wheel Frames
Find yourself a few different sizes of wheel frames and paint them to match your garden's colour theme. When arranged together it can make an interesting focal point. You can also add circular coloured glass for more visual appeal.

5. Colourful Swinging Hammock
This one is by far our favourite and most easiest upgrade. Once installed, you can enjoy long summer nights listening to music with a cold drink in your hand. Perhaps digesting a few chapters from your favourite reads.

- G mile x

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