Bird Feeder Stabliliser

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STABILIZING - This handy and hardwearing stabiliser ensures your bird feeder will stand securely in the garden come rain or shine. Strong and durable, this 4 pronged stabilizer makes multi-purpose feeding poles even more reliable, by ensuring they don't sway or slip within the ground. SECURE - These bird feeding station base stabilisers can offer extra support when situating your feeding station on grass or soil; the 4 prongs are pushed into the ground to offer good solid support. Adjustable support is tightened by butterfly bolt to required size. LONG-LASTING - Bird Feeders Stations are fantastic for offering a variety of bird food to attract the largest diversity of bird species into your garden. The one drawback is that they can become a bit top heavy when fully loaded with food - that's where a garden bird feeder stand comes into play. STRONG - Perfect for keeping your Dining Station secure in fine or uneven soil, this stabiliser features four prongs of strong steel, and can be easily affixed to the Dining Station pole during set-up.
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Bird Feeder Stabliliser
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