7 Fin 1500W 240V Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator - White

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Not all heaters are created equal. Some will only heat a small area of the room, which is fine if that is all you need; however, if you need an effective heater that will provide warmth to a large room, consider our  7 fin  heater listed here. The 7 FIN THICK METAL HEATER (380mm WIDE) for large rooms we have select the time required and this radiator will provide a consistent flow of warm air to help keep you, and those around you, warm and comfortable. Remember that this  heater will help to lower your energy costs when used correctly and can be used year after year as an effective alternative heat source.

This heater is specifically designed to comfortably heat a large room from floor to ceiling in a matter of minutes. With the this Full-Room Heater you can keep the entire family nice and cosy without running up a high electricity bill.
Set on wheels, this heater for large rooms can be easily moved around to alternate locations without lifting or straining. When you relocate to a different area of the home, move the heater with you to stay nice and warm.

This is Excellent and cheapest way of keeping your home cosy. This oil filled Radiator is of excellent quality and its powerful features makes it more prominent.


  • On / Off Switch
  • Automatic Safety Cut-Out
  • Non-Slim line (380MM WIDE - PRODUCE MORE HEAT)
  • Durable Enamel Finish
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Carry Handle
  • 7 Radiator Fins
  • Free Standing
  • Supported by 4 Castor's for Ease of Movement
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Power Cable and UK Standard 3-Pin Plug
  • Cord / Cable and Plug Storage
  • RoHS Compliant (CE Marked)

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7 Fin 1500W 240V Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator - White
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